Market Access & Reimbursement Session

November 1st, 2023 – for Life Science and Health startups and scaleups

TechleapNL & Pole Position Programme 

Are you working on a Healthtech innovation? Developing a deeptech solution to bring to the healthcare market?

We are opening up the best valued session from one of our’s programme Pole Position for all of you! Discover many things you did not realise you did not know. The knowledge gained during this session will help you grow faster and optimize the time to bring your technology to the market.

Get an in depth insight into all the key elements of Medtech Market Access and Reimbursement. Learn all about core concepts of Market Access and Reimbursement: coding, coverage and payment, as well as the strategic process and tools, applicable not only to the Dutch market. 

This workshop will make you aware of the basic elements and questions you need to answer to create a strategic plan to obtain optimal market access and reimbursement for your technology and answer any potential investor questions about the timing and viability of the introduction of your technology in any market. 

November 1st, 2023

9:00 – 12:30

Utrecht, The Netherlands

Limited Spots available 

“The complexity of market access and reimbursement was clearly introduced. The relation between reimbursement and certification was very insightful.”
– Participant 2022

“Start thinking about coding, coverage, payment. Now!”
– Participant workshop, 2022

No Palm Ingredients

“The Pole Position programme has forced us to increasingly move between day-to-day focus and a helicopter view, allowing us to plan further ahead than we would otherwise have done.”
– No Palm Ingredients


“From the beginning on I had the feeling that I was in a safe space where I could speak up and discuss my challenges.”
– Nostics

Topics that will be covered


Role of Coding, Coverage and Payment

This section focuses on participants gaining an in-depth understanding of public and private sector coverage and the role of coding and its impact on market access and reimbursement. Real world examples will be used to underline the theoretical aspects presented. 


Market Access Tools and Strategy Development

We will look at the timeline and steps of the development of a strategic medtech market access plan as well as the role and involvement of stakeholders and their role in the adoption and financing of novel technologies. During this session attendees will obtain an overview of common market access tools including clinical and economic evidence, health technology assessments and clinical guidelines used in the assessment and decision-making process.


Discover the differences between countries

The course will underline potential differences between country market access and reimbursement landscapes, and the importance of understanding these prior to entry.

Countries will be covered based on your interest.

Personalized feedback

Get feedback to your specific challenge

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